Who we are

B2Bpresales is founded by Steen Lautrup, who has been building presale departments since 2002 in several CRM systems. Steen has done presale work for various small and medium-sized B2B companies.

Our slogan: We do not like to guess!



We want to implement the culture of listening, in sales departments.

We want to do so that we listen more to others, instead of assuming that you know best.




We will by defining, measuring and motivating the correct use of CRM systems, help end user adoption of CRM systems.

In this way, we will enable the company to carry reap the benefits of a CRM system, and scale sales.


What is presale?

“To improve sales, pay more attention to presales”

Presale is primarily a company’s ability, in large quantity, to contact their customers and listen to them. Sales can be divided into presale and sales which can be seen below. This also means that presale activities takes place in different sales phases, not just at the beginning of the sales process.


Pre-Sales Activities    Sales Activities
Prospecting    Sales calls and client meetings
Lead qualification    Contract negotiation
Research    Closing
Proposal prep and positioning    Relationship building

Find and maintain relationships


Is it telemarketing?

Yes, we provide telemarketing, of very high quality, done inside our customers’ own CRM system. But at the same time, we help build an indisputable knowledge from customers about what it takes to make your customers go from one salesstage to the next in your sales proces.


What can B2BPresales be used for?

We define how your CRM should be used by everyone. We measure whether it happens. We motivate for that to happen.

B2BPresales can be used to create growth in your business, not only by looking at hot and cold potentials, but by looking at the whole picture. We look at your entire customer base and in addition go in depth with your current customers.

We create an overview of your company’s sales channels.

Find sales opportunities.

Find your parameter mix so that your company has the opportunity to tailor the offer to the best product market fit.

We carry out the work inside your company’s own CRM system, thereby ensuring that your CRM system comes into use. All data is also secured and processed correctly so that things are not lost or forgotten. We are available to you by helping you focus on the important tasks. And should you need our help with these tasks, we are happy to be available to execute it efficiently for you, by calling your customers.


What does it mean for a company?

You can move forward with your sales, get systematized and cleaned up. You do not forget anything anymore and you reduce surprises.

Furthermore, we can help explain why and why not, a sales opportunity moves from one sales phase to the next, by listening to customers and measuring the reasons.



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